Monthly Archive: September 2013


Magic Quotes Error With Joomla 3 Installation

Basically their hosting service is out-of-date or incorrectly set up. During the installation they get an error message saying that something called “Magic Quotes” needs to be turned off.


Using Callback Functions in PHP

A commonly used technique when programming is to use callbacks. A callback is a piece of code that is passed to a function that is later executed by that function. In this article I...


Setting Up MySQL in CPanel

There are many different types of control panels that your shared hosting provider may have. This tutorial assumes that you are using the most popular, CPanel.


How to Set Up Buy X Get Y Free in Magento?

Magento Go is a fully capable eCommerce platform – and one of its most powerful features is its flexible price rules. Magento Go offers Catalog Price Rules as well as Product Price Rules.


Creating a Configurable Product in Magento

Magento provides several built-in product types which allows it to accommodate many of the most common products for sale on the web today without additional customization. Simple product types in Magento include Simple, Virtual...