Magento: Automatic Related Products from the same category on Product Details Page

Prashant Kumar

Prashant Kumar

I am a Software Developer with 4+ years of experience in software development. I have sharp skills in PHP language, Joomla, Magento, WordPress, HTML, CSS, Jquery, AJAX. Love to take challenges in troubleshooting problem of software world. Familiar with web development and content management systems.I’m not a great programmer but I feel I’m a great implementer".

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6 Responses

  1. Leandro says:

    Great Job Prashant. It helped me a lot.

  2. yair says:

    Prashant , thanks so much for the nice articles you have published, it helped. I may need your assistance with some magento. can you advise your availability. thnaks

  3. kiran patil says:

    Hi Prashant,

    Nice article but we need to configure the module in app/etc/modules/Prashant_Relatedpro.xml


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